Hi there and welcome!

I’m Becca McLagan.

A realtor, renovator, and teacher.

I spend part of my day begging middle school students to read and write. In all other moments, I am thinking about, reading about, or doing something related to real estate.

The “in my element” feeling hits when I’m either a) listening and helping, b) creating or improving something, c) a combination of the two.

I am purpose-driven. This website will hopefully be a reflection of that.

I tend to think anything is possible.

The future is not an abstraction for me; I can imagine it in perfect clarity.

I believe in small steps towards the goal. To do this, it’s absolutely necessary to leave perfectionism behind.

When I walk into a room, I feel an emotional charge from the space- good or bad.

To me, there are few things more satisfying than a good “before and after” photo.

I feel that taking care of a space is an act of both love and art.

Conservation and small living have become personal values – I’m excited to see how wide we can make the gap between what we spend and what we make.

When I die, I’ll be happy if  these two things are true: 1) I left things more beautiful than how I found them, 2) I helped people in their pursuits.

Until then, I’ll be living small and dreaming big.


To help each one of you buy and sell a home. I care very much about getting you what you want. And I am highly competitive. Your next home is out there, and we will find it. Your buyers are looking for your house, and we’ll bring them to it!

To buy as many homes as I can- and make them beautiful, safe, and functional.

To be a lifelong learner. And to bring all my knowledge and experience to you.

Welcome to Home School!

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