A Realtor, Airbnb Superhost, renovator, and teacher.

The "in my element" feeling hits when I'm either a) listening and helping, b) creating or improving something, c) a combination of the two. 

I am purpose-driven. 

I tend to think anything is possible.

The future is not an abstraction for me; I can imagine it in perfect clarity.

I believe in small steps towards the goal. I love helping people break down their big, scary vision into doable steps!

When I walk into a room, I feel an emotional charge from the space- good or bad.

I feel that taking care of a home is an act of both love and art.

Conservation and small living have become personal values - it's good for the planet, our wallets, and our souls.

When I die, I'll be happy if  these two things are true: 1) I left things more beautiful than how I found them, 2) I helped people in their pursuits.

Until then, I'll be living small and dreaming big.

I'm Becca.


"We would highly recommend Becca. She went well above and beyond for us in the sale of our previous house and getting us into our dream home! She was quick to get back to us and answer any of our questions and or concerns. She handled the few hiccups we had with ease. Nothing but great things to say!"

The Hanolds

"Becca is very easy to work with and guided us through our first home buying purchase smoothly!"

The Kakers

"Becca is so wonderful to work with! She listens, gives advice but never oversteps, and is on your side throughout the whole process. So refreshing to work with someone who communicates effectively. Becca made this process doable for us... recommend 100%!"

The Knickerbockers

my clients rock:

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