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I’ve been where you are now. I’m ready to sell this home, this place is too small, I know my family needs something different, and [insert all other reasons to move]. It’s an exciting time! It can also be stressful. As homeowners looking to move on, we must balance our budget, timeline, and all the […]

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Are You Ready to Sell Your Home? Take the Quiz!

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If you’ve been following our crazy adventure, you already know that this past year just about killed us. I mean it. There have been so many times when we questioned if buying Camp Miller, our vacation rental cabin, was worth it. But now I’m sitting in the kitchen of our renovated cabin, writing this post, […]

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After Renovations: Our First Year as Vacation Rental Hosts

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3 Steps to Buying a Home in a Hot Market The million-dollar question these days is: how in the heck do you buy a house in a hot seller’s market? Admittedly, the obstacles appear daunting. In many places, and particularly here in the Fox Valley, we sit stoutly in a seller’s market. Prices are rising, […]

3 Steps to Buying a Home in a Hot Market